February 2016

27.02.2016 13:15

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“ - Day 6

“The day that the rains arrived” (old German song by Dalida 1959)....And what a rain! The rain was so hard and intermittent heavy thunderstorms with lightning and thunder kept us very alert. The noise the rain created made it shear impossible to hold a conversation. After a while our convoy reached an altitude of about 1700 meter. Well what was heavy rain in the valley turned into snow. 

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26.02.2016 12:36

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“ - Day 5

This was a night which did not want to end. And the night became a nightmare for our symbolic travel companion, a real gem of merit, stability and quality, our UNIMOG, who has touched our hearts, we have a name for him: “ OUR BEST FRIEND”, in German: ”Liebling”!

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25.02.2016 12:24

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“ - Day 4

tl_files/log/img/Bilder Startseite/Syrien Tag 3 1.jpg

At the Turkish border, February 25, 2016

“Awaiting Godot”, the famous writer Samuel Beckett is a synonym for a prolonged but futile waiting. In the play, the action stands still. Nothing happens, but in the center of it, it is just waiting. That is the case for us today at the Bulgarian/Turkish border but on the side of Turkey.

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24.02.2016 12:14

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“ Day 3

tl_files/log/img/Bilder Startseite/Syrien Februar 20.jpg

At the border of Romania and Bulgaria, February 24th, 2016


The most intensive way to get to know your fellow man is to go travelling with him. At the latest after 3 days you can feel it either painfully or are overjoyed. And often it takes just a few miles to recognize the dramatic change of the world. 

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23.02.2016 11:54

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“ Day 2

"Tu felix Austria nube“, that is a quotation from Rudolf IV, Habsburg, from the year 1364, but nothing was said about “Tu felix, sicut pluviam”. Yes, rain, that was our companion for the whole day, also to the chagrin of our Felix.unseres Felix.tl_files/log/img/Bilder Startseite/Syrien Februar 8.JPG

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22.02.2016 18:44

Bulletin „Convoy of Hope“

On this 22nd of February 2016, Dr. Wolfgang Bernard, Member of the Board of Daimler AG, sent the fourth "Convoy of Hope - Wings on Wheels", on its way to a more then 4000 kilometer journey into the area of crisis, the Turkey/Syria border. Nine heavily loaded trailer trucks with approximately 250 tons of aid supplies are now on the road to help people in dire need. tl_files/log/img/Bilder Startseite/Syrien Februar 7.jpg

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22.02.2016 16:00


tl_files/log/img/Bilder Startseite/Syrien Februar engl 1.jpg

Nine Trailer Trucks on its way to the Turkish/Syrian Border
Approximately 250 tons of humanitarian aid supplies and valued of about 1,25 Million Euro have
left from Stuttgart, Germany, today. Nine trailer trucks are making their roughly 4.000 kilometer
journey to the Turkish/Syrian border.

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