Help for the children at Hasan Sham and Mosul

10.07.2018 10:30

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tl_files/log/img/Pressemitteilungen/Start der Frachtmaschine.jpgWings of Help is getting ready to go on their 5th relief mission to the northern part of the Iraq with a very extensive load of aid supplies primarily for children.

Our local point of contact has informed us of the situation and the desperate need for supplies. There are about 4000 children under three years of age and roughly 3500 orphans and all these need to be supported.


The refugee camps of Hasan sham and Dibaga house about 23.000 children.

On each of our missions, our team has been told by the refugees, that they all are waiting to return back to their homes as soon as the infrastructure warrants it, none of them wanted to continue on to Europe.


Preconditions are a more extensive support of them in the camps and a chance for a better future.  This is the reason Wings of Help will also establish three computer schools in cooperation with the Barzani Charity Foundation.


On board are several tons of children’s food, rusk, diapers and other needed supplies.  




For futher information:

If you are interested there will be a press conference on June 20th , 2018 - 11am in Cargo City South Building 501c, 4th floor, and /or if you prefer to be present at the loading and departure of the aircraft, you can view this at the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport  on June 23rd, 2018 at 13hrs.


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